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Preparing the Church For the Future


“We will soon see prayer become the chief purpose and focus of the church, above any other activity. Intercession is no longer just an option. The basic calling of the church is to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). There are no remedies for human problems without God, and the whole earth is about to learn this.” Rick Joyner

The church is in transition and preparation. She will one day see her identity as an eternal House of Prayer and a glorious Bride—but she does not see it yet. There is a wrestling inside, almost like a butterfly in a tiny cocoon trying to escape and spread her wings. She is just beginning to hear the voice of the Bridegroom as John the Baptist did (John 3:29). She is just beginning to desire one thing above all others—to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord as David did (Psalm 27:4). She is just beginning to realize her unique privilege and the close friendship and intimate knowledge that she can have with God’s heart.

Things are happening quickly worldwide. We are all in God’s end-time preparation whether we like it or not. Now is the time to lay hold of the absolute necessity of day and night prayer and ask God to create it in our churches and in our cities. God is giving us grace and authority in prayer to seek Him at this time, so let’s take advantage of it. Let’s seek to grow in fervent prayer.

In unity, we will be doing and saying the same things the Spirit is doing and saying. We will be in unity with God as we learn to walk in daily obedience by pursuing Him in prayer and guarding our hearts with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23).

God desires for us to have a dynamic role as we partner with Him in prayer in bringing His Kingdom on earth. This is how He will govern His universe. As we unite in prayer and worship, we will keep strong and stable when everything is shaking around us.

The prayer movement in a city is going to be one of the greatest stabilizing forces for the Church. God hears the prayers of His people and brings victory (2 Chronicles 6:35, 40; 7:15). This will create the spiritual atmosphere that will enable all of us to bring in the harvest. Evil is increasing at an alarming rate. A House of Prayer can spiritually penetrate into the darkest areas of the city, causing those lost in the deepest darkness to come into the light and be set free.

With such a dynamic role in partnership with God, we must pray fervently for the prayer movement to arise and spread like fire.

In his book, Healing the Nations, John Sandford writes that the Church is seeing the beginning of visitation throughout the world:

“Over the past several years, the Lord has raised up an armada of intercessory ministries around the world. Through their efforts, multitudes have come together in citywide prayer, solemn assemblies, prayer summits, and reconciliation services. God has used the earnestness of this intercession to bring millions to repentance. The prayer movement has touched the heart of God; in turn, He has touched the heart of man. As a result of this prayer movement, the church is seeing the beginning of visitation throughout the world. Renewal, revival, and supernatural manifestations are being reported almost daily. Many feel we are closer to a great awakening than at any other time…”

Early one Sunday morning as we were on our way to a church two hours away, we made a quick stop at a gas station. When I went inside that gas station, I was instantly overwhelmed by the delicious smell of fresh bread and donuts. “Ummmmm” was about all I could say. It smelled so good that it was hard for me to leave. I wanted to buy coffee and donuts immediately because I had been captured by the aroma of that bread. I used my will power and didn’t buy any donuts, but I was strongly reminded that the prayers of the Church will be like a fragrant aroma that captures God’s attention.

The Church will become a House of Prayer for the nations. Churches throughout the world will put prayer at the center of all of their activities. They will cry out to God for their city, country, and the nations of the world. Those who are searching for truth will not be able to stay away from the sweet-smelling aroma of prayer that will come from the prayer room. People will be drawn into the Houses of Prayer, and God’s future Church will be filled with the aroma of Christ. This is what we have to look forward to. And those who have been in the prayer room will bring this sweet-smelling aroma with them everywhere they go—to school, their workplace, and into the streets.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Houses of Prayer Help the Church Arise

Our Prayers for Wisdom in Developing a House of Prayer“The revelation David had about the emotions of God equipped his heart for a sustained aban-doned pursuit of God, through his many weaknesses and failures, as well as his stunning
victories. David is the picture
of the end-time church, which will be a lovesick, wor-shipping warrior bride, and a people after God’s own heart.” Mike Bickle

After traveling extensively throughout Europe, I realized more than ever how day and night prayer would help advance what God is doing around the world. Darkness seemed to be invading every segment of society—you could sense the blindness as you talked with people on the streets and in the stores. God did not seem to be welcomed there.

Yet, there is such a desperate need for God to permeate every city, and this can only happen through prayer and worship. It is only the light that can cast out the darkness. Evil seems to be intruding into our nations at an alarming rate. God’s manifest presence can invade our cities through Houses of Prayer.

A good example of how this can happen is by looking at Asaph in Psalm 73. He was facing extreme difficulty and had almost lost his footing. He envied the arrogant when he saw their prosperity. They seemed to have no struggles and were free from burdens. They were carefree and increasing in wealth. They seemed to get away with violence and were actually prospering. Asaph felt as if it was useless to live a good life (Psalm 73:1-16). The whole thing seemed to be extremely oppressive.

Now if we were honest most of us would say, “That’s exactly how I feel. I’m tired of seeing the wicked prosper.”

Notice in this Psalm that everything changed in verse 17 when Asaph entered the sanctuary of God. It was right there that he began to understand their final destiny. In the sanctuary of God (House of Prayer), he gained a fresh vision of the reality of God’s love and justice (Psalm 73:17-28). Suddenly they would be destroyed and cast down to ruin. They were on slippery ground. They would be punished for their sin.

Asaph realized the personal love of God for himself. God was always with him and would guide him—God was his strength and would take him to glory—God was his refuge. The wicked were only enjoying temporary success.

Houses of Prayer will help the future Church arise.

Entering the sanctuary of God through prayer will help the Church to see the true reality of the situation out there in society. When it looks as if the wicked are prospering, the prayer room will keep the Church focused on the eternal rather than the temporary. The Spirit will release the glory of God upon the Church at the end of the age. God has put eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Day and night prayer will help the Church to see the purposes and plans of God. Prayer will help us to know the hidden wisdom of God ordained before the ages (1 Corinthians 2:7-10). It will help us to persevere and stand together in unity. It will impact our communities and the world.

Houses of Prayer will help the Church arise.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Launching Out with God

11246593_964162010313573_5345612100422823544_n“The launch event is a fantastic opportunity to create momentum that will last for days in the prayer room. We’ve often observed that a well-launched prayer room continues to impact the group for a long time afterward. You’ll also be surprised at how many people are still only just beginning to get their heads around the 24-7 idea by the time of the launch—no matter how diligently you’ve sought to raise awareness.” Peter Greig and David Blackwell

When you finally do launch your House of Prayer, it’s a big moment for your church and your city. Put some thought into the actual launching and conclusion of your House of Prayer. Make it a real event. We’ve had opening celebrations launching our one-month Houses of Prayer. And we’ve had grand finale celebrations with times of worship, testimony, and food at the end. They all have been very significant events.

At the launch, make sure you have at least the first three days filled. If not, recruit people at the meeting. Give people a positive vision for your House of Prayer. We ceremonially lit the first candle and had lots of worship. You may want to have a countdown. A group of young people in Mexico opened the doors of the prayer room and threw a feast with fajitas and tortillas for everyone! There is no limit to what you can do.

There are so many ways to end your House of Prayer. At the end of our month-long House of Prayer we had many of the local pastors share and give testimonies. They gave motivation for future Houses of Prayer and made sure everyone knew that this wasn’t the end. It was really only the beginning. Everyone celebrated with excited and fervent worship. It was a great accomplishment to all involved.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s a joyful occasion. It’s good to debrief as well and get feedback, share stories, deal with any disappointments, and talk about the possibility of doing it again.

God desires Houses of Prayer in every city around the world. He wants His people to welcome His Kingdom into their city. He is prompting people just like you to gather with other like-minded people and pray towards this goal. He wants us to cry out to Him day and night. We read in Lamentations 2:18-19:

“The hearts of the people cry out to the Lord. O wall of the Daughter of Zion, let your tears flow like a river day and night; give yourself no relief, your eyes no rest. Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at the head of every street.”

Even though there is a lot of work involved, it’s worth it all. People’s lives are changed as they encounter God. Let us pray together for this worldwide prayer movement to grow in every nation. In his book, E. M. Bounds on Prayer, Bounds motivates us to make God’s house a House of Prayer.

“The life of the church is the highest life, and its office is to pray. Its prayer life is the highest life, the most fragrant, and the most conspicuous. When God’s house on the earth is a house of prayer, then God’s house in heaven is busy and powerful in its plans and movements. ‘For mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people’ (Isaiah 56:7), says God. Then, His earthly armies are clothed with the triumphs and spoils of victory, and His enemies are defeated on every hand… The very life and prosperity of God’s cause—even its very existence—depend on prayer. And the advance and triumph of His cause depend on one thing: that we ask of Him.” E. M. Bounds

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Creativity in the Prayer Room

10469208_968330713230036_3995578248377717720_nThe prayer room can be a life trans-forming experience for everyone involved, but it involves hard work. You are inviting the King into your midst. All of this may sound easy, but it’s not. The prayer room in Spain was quite a challenge. The owner of the hotel was an artist, and the room had been used for storage. It was full of all kinds of old things—wood, curtains, clay, papers, dirt, and everything you could imagine an elderly artist would collect in that room.

Could this possibly be transformed into a House of Prayer?

Our experience of God in the prayer room was both mystical and practical. On the walls there was always so much to see: messages that could move the hardest heart, children’s pictures, intimate prayer requests, poems of worship, Bible verses scrawled as graffiti, prophetic symbols, and, of course, that evolving book of answered prayer. The stories ranged from simple encouragement to a few truly remarkable reports of apparently miraculous intervention. For many people, visiting that room to see such things and meet with God became a mini-pilgrimage even at three in the morning on a cold winter night.

God quickly gave us a mind to work, and He gave us creative ideas to make that room a beautiful place of prayer. With candles, cushions, chairs, flags, maps, instruments, and other items, the room was transformed. The comment we heard so often during that month was, “We feel God’s presence in the prayer room!” God can transform anywhere into a beautiful place where His presence dwells. After all, He is the one who gives the creative plan for each one.

There is no limit to the creativity that can be expressed in a prayer room. Link your hands together with His and watch Him creatively work.

As far as decorating goes, you may want to recruit a decorating team or just one or two artistic people. Some prayer rooms have prayer stations that cover many types of prayer such as: personal prayer requests, meditation and contemplation, worship, thanksgiving, confession, and intercession. We’ve experienced this in a church service where areas were divided into many stations of prayer. The prayer stations can be decorated to help people get involved in prayer. It was definitely a wonderful experience in prayer and a personal encounter with God.

Creativity can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Ask the Lord what He wants you to focus on in your prayer room. Think about the size of your room, the age of your participants, the material available, and so forth.

In some of our Houses of Prayer, we’ve put the Operation World book
by Patrick Johnstone to help people pray globally. The Transformation videos on DVD are another possibility, or a slide projector with pictures from your area. Posters, globes, and world maps are also helpful for prayer. Local newspapers, prayer letters, and prayer guides are excellent for prayer.

Make good use of the four walls in your prayer room. You may want to direct people’s prayers in a new direction on each wall. For instance, you may want a wailing wall for personal prayer requests, a worship wall with verses and pictures, and a world or city wall that is outwardly focused with names of missionaries, a world or city map, community issues, etc. There may be a place of praise with instruments and DVDs or a wall of promise where individuals can pray the Scriptures on the wall. You might have a thank-you wall with testimonies of answered prayer and thanksgiving. You may want a graffiti wall with poems and letters or drawings.

There is so much creativity you can use on these walls. We had a country map on one wall and a place where people could paint, draw pictures, or write verses. You may want to leave lots of white paper and pens or paintbrushes for people to creatively express their prayers. One of the Christians—an artist from Gibraltar—drew a beautiful picture on one wall. You may want pictures of nature or other cultures on a wall or table. Some prayer rooms have an audio DVD or video with an introduction, welcoming people to the prayer room and helping them to focus on prayer.

We made use of the center of the room, and this is very important. As I said, we had a table in the center with a candle lit the entire month. Local Christians donated candles. We never ran out, but it certainly was difficult to blow the last candle out during our grand finale at the end of the month. We all had the urge to keep the prayer room going. It was a place where we had met with God personally and corporately. We knew that the day would come when the candle would be lit again—and maybe—it would be continuous when we had a more permanent location.

“One of the simplest and yet most profound things a prayer room offers is a place to be alone and still before God. It promotes humility and a visible dependence on God. Prayer rooms also generate and facilitate other prayer ideas given by the Holy Spirit to affect the whole ministry of the church in the community.” Terry Teykl

During your week or month of prayer, you may want to have outreaches at schools, shopping centers, or flea markets. You may want to ask people to bring clothing, food, or blankets to give to the needy. You can then pray for those who receive the items. Help with transportation so that the elderly, or mothers with young children, can come in groups during the day.

We had some special young people’s prayer meetings on some of the weekends. You may want to challenge them to spend forty hours in prayer on a weekend. We had the BURN group of young people on the weekend. Their mission statement is:

“The mission of BURN 24-7 is to plant a sustainable furnace of 24-7-365 worship, prayer and explosive supernatural outreach releasing a sound of indigenous creative vertical worship in every community, people group, city and nation in the world.”

They are high in energy and can provide a tremendous momentum to your House of Prayer. See BURN for more information.

You may want to take a prayer team to a dark place in your city to intercede. Praying at the nearest police station, or near a school or business, is another possibility. You may want to have a prayer retreat. We know of a House of Prayer that started by reading through the entire Bible. You may want to pray through the Psalms or pray the promises from the Bible several times during your 24/7 House of Prayer. The New Testament apostolic prayers of Paul  will help you. Soaking music is available at soaking.net.

The creative possibilities are contagious. Just go for it!

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Preparing the Prayer Room for the King

Every person is different, but we all need to find those people and places that enable us to re-center on Christ regularly, so that the reflex reaction of our lives remains prayerful all the time. A season of 24-7 prayer provides a place, a time, a context, and a catalyst for this conscious and persistent prayer to continue, both individually and corporately. The prayer room is a picture of constant activity in the heart of every believer. It helps us maintain the flame of worship on the altar of our lives. We leave the prayer room encouraged and enabled to keep on praying consciously and subconsciously through the trials of the day ahead… A regular hour in a 24-7 prayer room is both an expression of and an inspiration for a lifestyle of continual prayer.

Preparing a place for the King of kings, the Creator of the universe to come and dwell, is an awesome privilege. We should take great care in such a wonderful undertaking. We want the prayer room to enable every person to center on Christ, and maintain a flame of worship that carries them through the ups and downs of daily life outside the prayer room. You may wonder:

  • How do we create an atmosphere of prayer?
  • How do we decorate the prayer room attractively so people want to come to pray?
  • What should it look like so that it attracts God’s presence?

The most important key throughout the whole preparation phase is to seek God together with other like-minded people. Pray about every detail and every need. Before our one-month House of Prayer in Virginia, a group of people got together to pray every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30-7:30 A.M. to prepare for it. We prayed about everything again and again. We brought before the Lord our hearts and our desires for our city and the entire region. We prayed about every need.

As we started, God put everything together just in time. It was as if we were flying the plane as we built it. This takes faith because everything did not fall into place as early as we would have liked. But it kept our dependence level high and our prayers fervent.

God knows every need and is fully aware of every challenge in setting up a House of Prayer.

As we look back to these initial times, we are amazed at how God worked things out even at the last moment. We must learn to depend fully on Him because only He can work out the details. It is God who makes things grow in the spiritual realm.

At the time I wrote this, we were working towards three simultaneous one-month Houses of Prayer. You can imagine how completely dependent we were on God to work it out in all three cities. But as we fervently prayed, God gave us guidance. We simply obeyed His leading step-by-step.

We also met together regularly with the prayer leaders in these locations and kept in close connection, but it was totally up to God to work out all the details and answer our prayers. Although we didn’t have 24/7 prayer going continuously in all three locations, we felt it was successful anyway. Our faith grew through the tests we faced during that time.

More prayer in a city is a big success to God.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

A City with a Kingdom Vision

“God’s kingdom, when it comes, probably won’t arrive in the way we expect or even want it to. But viewing history with the eyes of faith, through the grid of past prayer movements, we can easily see the correlation between seasons of intercession and the extension of God’s kingdom in the world.” Peter Greig and David Blackwell 

What will your city look like when it has a Kingdom vision and focus? How will it be different than it is right now? Notice the abundant prosperity that God brings to the city in Jeremiah 33:9:

“Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.”

When the believers in a city have a kingdom vision and begin to pray together with eyes of faith, several dramatic changes take place:

  • A new level of trust  – This is developed  between believers of different backgrounds where suspicion is gone. There is the realization that we need one another to reach our city.
  • The wisdom of God – The Christians begin seeking heaven’s perspective and heaven’s agenda for their city. They begin seeking the mind of Christ and the wisdom of God for their city.
  • Relational unity – The city Church begins to want deeper fellowship with other churches. This unity is much deeper than a unity based on an event. It is true friendship.
  • Seeking God’s Transformation – The believers seek for God to transform their city and revive the city Church. They then bring the revival fire into the streets and community. The Church begins to influence the city.
  • Lovers and worshippers of God – The Church becomes a lover of God instead of just a worker for God. They learn to worship God out of intimate fellowship. This pushes out the powers of darkness.
  • Kingdom building – There is a willingness to lay down personal agendas and work towards building God’s purposes. The Church begins to see the big picture of what God wants to do in the city.
  • Presence of God – There begins to be more emphasis upon waiting on God. The presence of God replaces man-made fleshly ideas, programs, and methods.
  • Learners of simplicity – The Church learns the power and wisdom of simplicity. The way God works is not through a highly intellectual, organized, and complicated program. He works through simplicity.

This is what we must prayer towards. When we had our first one-month House of Prayer in southern Spain in 2006, we only started to taste what God wanted for the city. The taste made us desperately hungry for more. It was life changing, and I don’t think any of us could say that we wanted to go back to the old way. We had just begun to taste what God wanted for the Campo de Gibraltar area. A Kingdom vision was born—but there was so much more.

God is giving incredible grace for prayer at this hour. This vision is spreading far and wide, and we will soon be captured in a movement of prayer and a hunger for His presence that is unstoppable. All over the world there is beginning to be a desperate cry for fervent prayer and intercession. Let’s discover how to prepare the way for God’s presence and Kingdom by learning to pray together with churches in our area for extended periods of time. I encourage you to begin to cry out for God’s presence, and begin praying for God to raise up 24/7 prayer in your city.

Pray through this list over and over again for your city. See with eyes of faith what God wants to do. Cry out for Him to ignite a Kingdom vision in your city; the hour calls for it. Your city desperately needs God’s presence. His vision is life changing.

“Without a vision, people are doomed to live mediocre lives, carried along by social influences and self-centered interests. The Bible says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ (Proverbs 28:18 KJV). Our own vision for our lives cannot sustain us; we must have a vision that originates from the heart of God, from His very throne room. His vision is life-giving, life-changing, and worth abandoning our hearts and lives to.” Rhonda Hughey

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Our Prayer for a Heart for the Nations

11230031_994913747238399_3289985085759092424_nLord, help us to see the big picture of what You are doing in the nations. Your Word says: “these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7). Give us vision for this worldwide House of Prayer for all nations. Help us to build Your House in our city. You are orchestrating strategic shifts and realignments. Help us not to resist what you are doing but eagerly gain new Kingdom alliances. Help us to relinquish our personal rights and celebrate the victories of others. Teach us to pray Your Word over the nations.

As we seek to pray, we ask you to give us your heart for the world. Help us to feel as you feel for the lost and the dying. In the midst of our prayer meetings, transform us into your likeness. Give us Your perspective on the world and all that is happening internationally. Empower us, and give us faith so that as we leave the prayer room, we will be a blessing to all those we encounter in our lives. We want to see Your mighty power to save, to set free, and to heal everywhere we go.

Arrest our attention. Revive us, and free us from ourselves so that we may represent You to a lost world. Give us Your heartbeat. Help us to cry out for souls. Help us to catch the vision for prayer in our city. Increase the vision for prayer in our churches. Clothe us with Your presence, and use us for Your glory in the prayer movement. We sing to You Lord. We praise Your name. We proclaim Your salvation day after day. We declare Your glory among the nations, Your marvelous deeds among all peoples (Psalm 96:2-3). In Jesus’ name, amen.

Verses to Memorize

these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:6-7).

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

Hindrances to Unity in a House of Prayer

11694990_990318007697973_3189277523324716005_nAs we look at these beautiful character qualities that enhance unity, it is also important to realize that the devil will try to stop or hinder prayer in many ways. He will deceptively bring in many problems. You are moving into heavier warfare when you start a House of Prayer in your city or church, but the blessings will far surpass the hindrances. You are entering greater opportunities for the harvest.

The following are a few of these possible hindrances. Many of them are especially problems in a citywide House of Prayer. If you are doing a one-week House of Prayer in your church, most of these hindrances won’t affect you. For example, you won’t run into denominational problems or lack of finances if it’s in your own church. In one short week you may not have to face as many opportunities for offense or division. It’s in the longer term 24/7’s where the more serious hindrances can occur. It would be good to pray about these possible hindrances ahead of time, and be alert as you build a House of Prayer in your city or church.

  • Denominational barriers – We must unite, and learn to pray with those outside our own denomination. We must decide within our own heart that the unity of the body of Christ is far more important than our own personal preferences. Humility is going to be key in this end-time revival and in Houses of Prayer. There will be no room for pride.
  • Offenses – Individuals may get offended with one another. We must all learn not to carry an offense. It is absolutely necessary that we forgive quickly and move on. Entire cities are at stake; therefore, we must choose to love. Confession of sin removes the barriers of disunity in relationships. Confession and repentance should be encouraged in your House of Prayer.
  • Lack of finances or agreement in location – When starting a House of Prayer in a city, finances can hold us back. Or there may be difficulty in agreeing on a location. Some may want it in one place and others somewhere else. Continual prayer for God’s provision and direction is vital. Asking the whole body of Christ in a region to contribute is helpful.
  • The struggle with control – Many times “control” can be a spiritual problem causing disunity, and certain individuals or churches may want to control what God is doing. The truth is that God is the ultimate leader of the House of Prayer. He must get all the glory. Any man that God uses will be one who walks in deep humility.
  • Individual strongholds affecting relationships – The enemy will do anything he can to find open doors (strongholds) in individual lives to prevent united prayer. In warfare, Satan will try to ruin relationships. This is why we must personally close the door of strongholds in our own lives and constantly forgive. We must let God radically deal with our own personal lives.
  • The enemy will always try to divide and conquer – We have seen him do this all over the mission field between husbands and wives, leaders and followers, team members, and churches. We must seriously pray, and choose not to be divided or bring accusation against one another.

Realize that God can break through all these hindrances. He is able. Love does cover a multitude of sins. It’s worth it to have Houses of Prayer even in spite of the hindrances. God can exceed our greatest expectations if we are willing to battle through the hard times.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

A Call for Steadfast and Persistent Prayer

11118493_968330533230054_6006565640006291955_n“Persistent prayer is a mighty move of the soul toward God. It is a stirring of the deepest forces of the soul toward the throne of heavenly grace. It is the ability to hold on, press on, and wait. Restless desire, restful patience, and strength to hold on are all embraced in it. It is not an incident or a performance, but a passion of soul. It is not something half-needed, but a sheer necessity. The wrestling quality in persistent prayer does not spring from physical violence or fleshly energy. It is not an impulse of energy or a mere earnestness of the soul. It is an inward force or ability planted and aroused by the Holy Spirit. Virtually, it is the intercession of the Spirit of God in us. It is ‘the effectual fervent prayer that avails much’ (James 5:16). The divine Spirit supplies every part of us with the energy of His own striving. This is the essence of the persistence that urges our praying at the mercy seat to continue until the fire falls and the blessing descends.” E. M. Bounds

Are you convinced that 24/7 prayer is needed in your city? Do you see how it will change our cities as we unite in prayer?

We want God to stimulate us all to a higher level of steadfast, persistent intercession in order to see day and night prayer established. God will do it in His perfect timing, but we must be steadfast. He is working in our hearts, but it takes great prayer to see Houses of Prayer started and continue consistently day after day. It will take the unity of the Church to see this happen. Everyone is needed and vital. God is right now calling for the whole body of Christ to increase in steadfast prayer. He always lives to make intercession for us, and we are called to be like Him (Hebrews 7:25).

Intercession is growing all throughout the world, and people of all denominations are beginning to unite for the purpose of prayer. It definitely is time to drop our differences, rejoice in our diversity, and come together for the great purpose of seeing the Kingdom of God dwell in the nations. Although the enemy will oppose continuously, it is as we unite that we shall see the victory. The heart of God is for unity (John 17:20-23). When we are united, we can support and build one another up as each one of us does our part in serving God (Eph. 4:3, 11-16). Through day and night prayer and worship the presence of God can reign in a city, multitudes can be saved, and ministries and churches can prosper.

Justice is released in the city through 24/7 prayer. The International House of Prayer here in Kansas City began praying for several years regarding the problem of human trafficking around the world. Shortly after they started corporately praying for human trafficking, the police uncovered a huge trafficking ring from clues that just kept “popping up”. This was a big answer to prayer as a result of united prayer.

Night and day prayer changes the spiritual atmosphere of a city dramatically.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International