Houses of Prayer Help the Church Arise

Our Prayers for Wisdom in Developing a House of Prayer“The revelation David had about the emotions of God equipped his heart for a sustained aban-doned pursuit of God, through his many weaknesses and failures, as well as his stunning
victories. David is the picture
of the end-time church, which will be a lovesick, wor-shipping warrior bride, and a people after God’s own heart.” Mike Bickle

After traveling extensively throughout Europe, I realized more than ever how day and night prayer would help advance what God is doing around the world. Darkness seemed to be invading every segment of society—you could sense the blindness as you talked with people on the streets and in the stores. God did not seem to be welcomed there.

Yet, there is such a desperate need for God to permeate every city, and this can only happen through prayer and worship. It is only the light that can cast out the darkness. Evil seems to be intruding into our nations at an alarming rate. God’s manifest presence can invade our cities through Houses of Prayer.

A good example of how this can happen is by looking at Asaph in Psalm 73. He was facing extreme difficulty and had almost lost his footing. He envied the arrogant when he saw their prosperity. They seemed to have no struggles and were free from burdens. They were carefree and increasing in wealth. They seemed to get away with violence and were actually prospering. Asaph felt as if it was useless to live a good life (Psalm 73:1-16). The whole thing seemed to be extremely oppressive.

Now if we were honest most of us would say, “That’s exactly how I feel. I’m tired of seeing the wicked prosper.”

Notice in this Psalm that everything changed in verse 17 when Asaph entered the sanctuary of God. It was right there that he began to understand their final destiny. In the sanctuary of God (House of Prayer), he gained a fresh vision of the reality of God’s love and justice (Psalm 73:17-28). Suddenly they would be destroyed and cast down to ruin. They were on slippery ground. They would be punished for their sin.

Asaph realized the personal love of God for himself. God was always with him and would guide him—God was his strength and would take him to glory—God was his refuge. The wicked were only enjoying temporary success.

Houses of Prayer will help the future Church arise.

Entering the sanctuary of God through prayer will help the Church to see the true reality of the situation out there in society. When it looks as if the wicked are prospering, the prayer room will keep the Church focused on the eternal rather than the temporary. The Spirit will release the glory of God upon the Church at the end of the age. God has put eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Day and night prayer will help the Church to see the purposes and plans of God. Prayer will help us to know the hidden wisdom of God ordained before the ages (1 Corinthians 2:7-10). It will help us to persevere and stand together in unity. It will impact our communities and the world.

Houses of Prayer will help the Church arise.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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