Treasures of Wisdom Released

11329842_966469080082866_4753253200916526631_n“It’s very valid to pray for spiritual passion, for consuming zeal, for a release of insatiable hunger in your heart, for holy thoughts and godly desires. It’s valid to pray that you might see and feel what the Father sees and feels when He beholds His dear Son. It’s valid to cry out for intimacy with the person who feeds you from His own hand, the person who guards your soul, the person who gives you wisdom and revelation, the person from whose mouth comes knowledge and understanding.” Mike Bickle

As we near the end of the age, there is the increasing necessity to know God’s wisdom in our personal lives and in the corporate body of Christ. We cannot afford to live undisciplined, prayerless lives. It’s time to pray for a spiritual passion and zeal to consume the people of God. We need to cry out to God for a new level of His wisdom.

Day and night prayer and worship releases the wisdom and the purposes of God. He will give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation when we pray for it (Ephesians 1:17-19). This will enable us to live out God’s will in a practical way. He will direct us to do the most important things at the right time. This will bring a greater increase of fruitfulness and effectiveness as we move out of the prayer room armed with the wisdom and authority of God.

I believe that every time I enter the prayer room to seek God, I receive new revelation for the day. My burdens and thoughts seem to transfer into God’s way of thinking. What seems perplexing or confusing in life turns into a new dimension of understanding when in God’s presence. God’s wisdom is worth more than gold. It’s something you have to dig for, but every time you enter His presence, you discover new nuggets of truth that seem to change everything around you. And God’s wisdom is so desperately needed in today’s world. Even the secular environment puts a high value on wisdom.

Henry Ford, who specialized in the auto industry, asked electrical
genius Charlie Steinmetz to build the generators for his factory. One day all the generators suddenly stopped working without explanation, and the repairmen could not discover the problem. Henry Ford called Steinmetz to come and fix the problem. Steinmetz tinkered with the machines for a few hours, threw on the switch, and the generators immediately came to life! Later Ford got a bill for $10,000. In those days that was really a lot of money. He was extremely upset and asked Steinmetz why he got such a high bill. Steinmetz’s reply was, “For tinkering with the generator’s – $10. For knowing where to tinker – $9,990.” Ford paid the bill.

When we spend time in the House of Prayer, God shows us His wisdom that can radically impact our society. When the world around us stops working, we will know where to tinker to find the power of God. Through prayer, we will see His wisdom.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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