Practical Wisdom in the Prayer Room

10407494_964089923654115_5859114877055829784_n-2The wonderful thing about God’s presence in the prayer room is that He seems to ambush you, and you don’t want to leave. I have seen the prayer room change people in prayer dramatically over a short period of time. What happens is quite supernatural. God changes our hearts.

One key as we start praying in the prayer room is simplicity. The prayer room is for beginners as well as the experienced. Everyone can do it. Encourage people to try different ways of prayer—reading a Psalm, praying the Scriptures, writing a song or letter to God, standing, kneeling, lying down, reading a devotional on prayer, singing, praying out loud, silent prayer, soaking prayer, etc.

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Pray the promises of Scripture – Claim God’s promises in the Bible over your city, church, and family. God’s Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). When you pray God’s promises over your family, neighborhood, or nation, you are planting seeds of God’s Word that will eventually grow and produce a harvest.
  • Pray for revival in your church, city, and nation – It is wise to bathe your area in prayer for revival. This releases God’s Spirit in the city. Spiritual breakthroughs usually come after Houses of Prayer are established.
  • Pray for things that are familiar with others in your geographical area – Pray for the needs in your area that are common to those in the prayer meeting. People can best agree in prayer over common concerns in the city.
  • Don’t pray long prayers – Realize that three to five minute prayers are long enough. In a corporate prayer meeting, you want many to be involved. When one person dominates the prayer room, others who desire to pray can feel frustrated. Here at the International House of Prayer we often pray ten to fifteen second prayers called “rapid fire” prayers.
  • Don’t inform God or others of the details of specific circumstances – God knows the circumstances, and others do not need to be informed. Too much time is often taken in sharing a prayer request rather than praying it.
  • Don’t teach or preach to others in your prayers – Always remember that you are praying to God and not others. Concentrate on Him, and pray to Him directly.

Realize that God uses all kinds of prayers. Variety is the key. Let people pray the way they want. There will be times of silence and times of music, times of intercession and times of thanksgiving, times of meditation and times of reading and praying the Scriptures. Some people are loud and some are quiet. Some kneel and some pace the floor. Some like to be alone in the prayer room and some like to pray in groups. The diversity of prayers and people is amazing. It’s different from hour to hour, and that’s what makes it so fresh and alive.

“Knowing God and having Him reside within you is a treasure of infinite value. Jesus likened this value to that of a perfect pearl. The collector would readily sell everything he had in order to possess this one matchless pearl (Matthew 13:45-46). Your relationship with God places an immeasurable value on your life. The treasure of God’s wisdom and knowledge are available to you through Christ (Colossians 2:2-3). His love now fills you. His incomprehensible peace surrounds your heart and mind (Philippians 4:7).” Henry and Richard Blackaby

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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