Nations Prayer – Taking it into the Prayer Room

11118493_968330533230054_6006565640006291955_nTaking it into the Prayer Room

Complete the application assignment individually before meeting in a group. This will help each person to become familiar with verses to use in praying for the nations. It also helps each one think about what a House of Prayer for all nations really means, as well as how to apply it personally. Then get together in a group and discuss your answers together. Especially discuss what a House of Prayer would mean for your city and how you, as a group, can spread the vision to others in your city.

Then with Bible and instruments, take it into the prayer room. Have a good time of worship and thanksgiving before praying for the nations. In your prayers use many of the recommended Scriptures. Encourage each one to pray for the nations that God lays on their heart. Blend in your prayer requests for your particular city regarding a House of Prayer and spreading the vision. Thank God for what He is going to do. End with praying “Our Prayer for a Heart for the Nations.”