How to Help the Church Arise in Prayer

11264013_963028303760277_6266662734616935759_nPraying Church Life Application

The Church will arise in power through Houses of Prayer. Think about your own church and the Church worldwide. Answer the following questions thoughtfully:

  • In what ways have you experienced the combination of prayer together with worship? – Think about the prayer meetings you have been involved in. Have you experienced any of the following? Explain.- The ability to pray longer and with greater ease.- An unlocking of your heart to a greater reality of heaven.
    – An increase in faith and perseverance.
    – An increase in enjoyable prayer.
    – A greater anointing in prayer, especially in spiritual warfare
  • Study Psalm 73 – Asaph felt as if it was useless to live a good life (Isaiah 73:1-16). In the sanctuary of God (House of Prayer) he gained a refreshed vision of the reality of God’s love and justice (Psalm 73:17-28). In what way can you relate to how he felt both before and after verse 17?
  • Study the benefits of Houses of Prayer for the Church  – Which ones are particularly meaningful as you look at the needs and characteristics of the churches in your city and your own church? In what way does prayer and worship prepare the way for revival?
  • Do you see an awareness of the need for a House of Prayer in your city? – In what ways is the Church in your city in transition? Explain your answers, and then pray the following prayer requests for the Church to arise in your city and all throughout the world:- Locations – Because the enemy fights unity in prayer so strongly, there are sometimes difficulties in getting a neutral location and the right facilities for Houses of Prayer. Pray for God’s perfect locations in your city and worldwide.- Countries – Pray for Houses of Prayer in every city in every country. Praise God for the many countries that now have Houses of Prayer. See for encouragement.
    – Signs, wonders, and healings – Many will come to know the Lord in the last days because of signs, wonders, and miraculous healings. Pray for physical and emotional healings inside and outside the Church through Houses of Prayer.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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