Church Arise – Taking it into the Prayer Room


Taking it into the Prayer Room

Get together with a group, and go through the exercise (How to Help the Church Arise) by carefully answering each question. Especially spend time discussing Psalm 73. You may want to read it together. Close in prayer by asking God to lead you in a time of prayer for the Church in your city as well as worldwide.

Then with singers, instruments, and intercessors, take it into the prayer room. With Bible in hand, pray for the Church in your city, nation, and world for at least an hour using these prayer requests. Use Scripture in your prayers and singing.

After finishing, leave the prayer room and discuss the first question together. With worship and prayer combined, how did you experience an unlocking of your heart with greater enjoyment in prayer, an increase in faith and perseverance, and greater anointing and freedom to pray? Close in prayer.

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