What to Prayerfully Consider

11130260_964162560313518_4399395163024787223_n-2“Church of Christ, awake, awake! Listen to the call, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Take no rest, and give God no rest… God’s spirit will reveal to us the power of a life of intercession as a divine reality, an essential, an indispensable element of the great redemption and therefore also of the true Christian life. May God help us to know and to fulfill our calling!” Andrew Murray

Day and night prayer is God’s desire, and He will enable us to do it. As you grow in establishing a House of Prayer, realize that many dedicated intercessors and worshippers are needed. You need churches that have a vision for prayer. The good news is that God is awakening His Church to pray. Prayerfully consider the following when starting a House of Prayer in your city, or increasing the prayer meetings and prayer focus in your church:

  • A small, consistent start – It is better to start small and be consistent than to try to plan a big 24/7 all year and then quit. More personnel are needed for a 365-day House of Prayer. It’s important not to despise small beginnings. Good things usually start small and appear humble. Remember Jesus was born in a manger. Speak blessing over your small prayer meetings. God will enlarge them when He wants to, and He can explode grace on your little prayer meetings in an incredible way. Stay steady and consistent.
  • A faithful team – Many different individuals with various gifts are needed in a House of Prayer. How large a team you need depends on the size and length of your House of Prayer. For longer ones you may need a general coordinator, a daily coordinator, an administrative team and office, a way to collect prayer material and make it available to intercessors, a team to clean and decorate the prayer room, someone to work out the prayer times, etc. You’d be surprised at all the little tasks that need to be done. Delegate the responsibilities carefully.
  • Dedicated intercessors and worshippers – Pray that God will raise up intercessors to pray as well as worship leaders, singers, and others. Those with a lifestyle of devotion will be the bedrock that will sustain the House of Prayer along the journey. You need to pray that God will lead you to these people. Build deep, not just wide.
  • Careful planning and clear guidance – You must think about the ongoing process of recruiting new intercessors and maintaining the House of Prayer. Ask God continually for guidance, and wait for His Spirit to lead. As the House of Prayer grows, you will need more individuals to help meet the growing practical and spiritual needs. Pray for gifted individuals, especially ones who are strong in administrative or organizing gifts.
  • Training and motivating intercessors – It is easy for intercessors to get discouraged over time so provide ongoing encouragement through seminars, training, and finding ways to minister to them. Teach people how to pray. Help them to focus on the needs of their church, community, or city rather than their own personal needs.

I’ve written several books designed for training in prayer with an application at the end of each chapter to be applied personally or in small groups. See the books dropdown button on this site for books you can study together. You will want to use these or other resources on prayer for training and motivation for your House of Prayer. Keep communicating and feeding people with prayer information.

God will give you His creative wisdom as you build the House of Prayer in your city. Perhaps your testimony will exceed your wildest expectations just as this one did:

“Our 24-7 week exceeded all expectations. More than 200 people used the prayer room, and more than 20 churches got involved. 24-7 has been one of the most productive (yes, prayer is productive!) weeks I have ever known. People were saved. The lukewarm were ignited. Unity made huge steps forward. Through 24-7, a radical vision was imparted way beyond anything our puny little talks could have accomplished. The week has also multiplied itself into three other locations.”
Peter Greig and David Blackwell

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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