The Roots of the 24/7 Prayer Movement

11264013_963028303760277_6266662734616935759_n“The very zealous Moravians had found a worthy leader in Zinzendorf. He was a man of serious devotion, fervent prayer, and was known for his commitment to radical holiness. In modern terminology, we would say that he had a tremendous hunger for God.” Pitts Evans

The concept of 24/7 prayer may be new to many of you. Others of you may have been aware of the prayer movement for quite some time. Wherever you are in your awareness, none of us has come to the full understanding of what God is beginning to create all throughout the nations.

It’s exciting! It’s radical! It’s exhilarating and at the same time, it calls for a deeper level of commitment than any of us have ever known before.

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