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Gods United Creativity Expressed

Possible Hindrances to Unity in a House of Prayer“There will be an understanding that will go forth: The Father’s house is not first the house of preaching. The Father’s house is not first the house of sacraments. The Father’s house is not first a house of fellowship or supernatural gifts. My house shall have many of these things, but My Father’s house shall be known first as a house of prayer for all nations—of people being built together, holy, on fire, compassionate; of living stones being brought together as they seek My face. And there will be a smoke that shall come forth from these living stones being built together. And the smoke signal shall rise up to the highest heaven and will be received. This smoke is called the incense of prayer.” James Goll

The incense of prayer is rising up to heaven all throughout the earth. A passion for prayer is springing up in many nations. We are seeing the creativity of God expressed in the prayer room in ways we have never seen before. God is showing up in the most unusual places with creative ideas and expressions in worshippers and intercessors. I have been to many prayer meetings, and I am amazed at how filled each one is with God’s creativity and uniqueness.

God is putting this together into a united tapestry of creative prayer all throughout the earth. Each prayer meeting is a creative expression of God’s glory. He is a creative God. Just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two prayer meetings are exactly alike either; each one is beautiful in its own way. We can go to prayer with anticipation and ask:

“God, what are you going to do today? How will you lead us? Show us your glory and majesty as we pray.”

We may have a plan, but God expresses it in His own way through our prayers and worship. The prayer room is a dynamic place where the united creativity of God is expressed in all its dimensions of magnificent beauty.

“Creative and unusual environments can be highly conducive to prayer. The prayer room enables people to pray nonverbally by posting artwork, poetry and graffiti on the wall. The environment can be designed artistically to stimulate and direct prayer.” Peter Greig and David Blackwell

There is a united creativity within diversity that gives us a bigger picture of what God is like. He does not want everyone to sing exactly alike. In His wisdom He brings unity through the various expressions of praise from His people. The word “create” in Webster’s Dictionary means: “to produce, to bring forth, to bring into being from nothing, to make or form, to form anew, to generate, to shape or organize.” God shapes and produces a beautiful sound from His people as they praise Him. The following are just a few examples of creativity expressed in 24/7 prayer.

  • Creativity in antiphonal singing – Each singer has a unique way of singing not only in voice but also in the phrases sung that spring from the Word.
  • Creativity in intercession – Intercessors are all unique in the way they pray. Some may praise God in intercession while others like to pray warfare prayers. Some may pray for cities while others pray for countries or individuals.
  • Creativity in prayer rooms – Prayer rooms are all decorated in different ways. Some are large and some are small. Some are colorfully decorated and bright while others may have a dimly lit lamp.
  • Creativity in action – Some are very action-oriented towards reaching the lost while others are more interested in helping the poor and needy.
  • Creativity in age – Some prayer meetings are filled with youth and louder music while others have older or more seasoned intercessors. Others may have every age group represented.

It is exciting to see how uniquely creative Houses of Prayer are that are springing up throughout the world. Think about it. If you have children, do you want them to all be alike? No. You probably delight in their unique design. One likes to paint while another likes to read. Another child is good at sports. Their unique gifting and expression of life is a delight to your family. If everyone in your family were exactly alike, it certainly would be boring. We need diversity to compliment our unity. And together you, as a family with a wide array of unique looks, personalities, gifting, and talents, make a solid family unit that is such a delight to God.

The prayer room is like a uniquely created family.

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International