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Kingdom Life – Taking it into the Prayer Room

11246593_964162010313573_5345612100422823544_nTaking it into the Prayer Room

Meet together as a group and study  this  together. Then prayerfully answer the life application questions. Brainstorm about how you can prepare for a one-month House of Prayer in your city. This may take more than one time of meeting together.

Decide who will be responsible for the different jobs that need to be done. Carefully decide on a neutral place. The Holy Spirit will give you His step-by-step plan, and an agreement with His plan, as you regularly pray together. Pray and be alert to any who God may lay on your heart to join your group.

With Bible in hand and some worship music, take it into the prayer room. Begin having weekly prayer meetings leading up to the one-month House of Prayer. Write down what God says to you in your prayer meetings. He will give you His strategy for your city, but you must consistently pray together. Pray about all the details. Pray about the participation of the churches in your city.

When we have a one-month House of Prayer, we spend several months planning and praying. We bring in several intercessors from other countries to cover the hours. You will need to bring in many people from various churches within your city to cover the hours. You will probably not get 100% participation, but thank God for all the churches who join together for prayer. Others will join in later. If you are having a one-week or weekend House of Prayer in your church, adapt all of this accordingly. Remember, you don’t have to start big.

Just start!