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The Church in Martos, Spain

11230031_994913747238399_3289985085759092424_nWe were up in the mountains visiting a tiny church in Martos, Spain. They told me there were about 35 thousand people in that city and only two churches. The church we visited only had two families. Imagine that.

If you were only a few Christians in a city, wouldn’t you want to be united? I know I would. We would need all the fellowship we could possibly find. Now in that city there are just not very many believers.

Yet in many of our cities, even though there are plenty of Christians, we are often so divided. We need to be united in order to bring in the harvest. In the book of Acts the united Church saw a few thousand added to their number in a day (Acts 2:41).

When I looked at Martos, I realized how desperately a House of Prayer was needed in that area. Prayer could change the atmosphere of the entire city. That city has a redemptive story that may have been buried or forgotten. God wants to uncover and reactivate it through prayer. Praying Christians can see the city with hope, and through prayer, can unlock God’s redemptive plan for the people living there. There is an identity in the city, and through prayer, God can give keys to unlock His future for Martos.

Let’s dream a little and imagine how a House of Prayer could help the Church arise in Martos. It would help the Church—though presently very small—to arise to her destiny by passionately pursuing Christ. It would help the Church to pray God’s purposes over Martos. It would help God’s people living there to obey His promptings in evangelism, knowing fully well their identity in Christ and their calling to reach the lost.

Through prayer the Church would see God open doors of blessing and close doors of oppression in the city. Instead of being withheld, God would release His eternal resources from heaven. His Word, spoken over Martos would not return void but would accomplish what He desires (Isaiah 55:11). The Church would love more because she would know how deeply she is loved. She would mature into full stature and would be lavishly devoted to God and committed to His plans for the city. She would begin to see God’s Kingdom and presence invade every aspect of society, and transformation in Martos would begin to occur through the supernatural power of God.

Isn’t it time to pray for Houses of Prayer to start everywhere, in all cities big and small?

Day and night prayer will help the Church to arise to her destiny as the glorious Bride of Christ. She will arise in her eternal House of Prayer identity. One day the Church from every tribe, tongue, and nation will understand the reality that Jesus passionately loves her just as a husband loves a bride. She will be established in her bridal identity. She will understand her place of privilege, friendship, and intimacy and will see the Kingdom with loyal, devoted love. As the Church is anointed and victorious by the Spirit for intercession, she will be effective in reaching the harvest. She will be empowered to walk in the grace of prayer with great authority, honor, and dignity. Her prayers will release the great harvest throughout the world.

May she arise as a passionate Bride, wholeheartedly seeking her Bridegroom King.

“We cannot function properly until we have passionately given our heart to a person and purpose beyond ourselves. If we don’t have something to die for, then we don’t have anything to live for. We don’t work right half-hearted.” Mike Bickle

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International