Prepare by Praying for God’s Future Church

11402980_990322897697484_1091674748470268243_n“Prayer must become the main focus of the church. We will not be able to continue to expect the grace of God without prayer. We will come to know that the Lord answers prayer, and we will also come to know the consequences of not praying. Prayer is soon going to become our greatest devotion because the true believers, the bondservants are going to know that He answers prayer.” Rick Joyner

How can we begin to prepare the Church for the future? How can we encourage this visitation of God upon His Bride?

Day and night prayer will be a major part. It will become our greatest devotion. As many become aware of this great challenge of establishing day and night worship and intercession, here are a few things to realize as we pray for the preparation of the Church in the future:

  • There are many who are interested in seeing a House of Prayer established – If God has given you a heart for prayer, don’t think that you are alone. This model is catching fire and is on the heart of God and many of His people throughout the earth. Pray that the Church worldwide catches fire for prayer and that Houses of Prayer will be started in every city in every nation. Pray for God to raise up forerunners who begin to pray for Houses of Prayer. Pray for the starting of one in your city and the strengthening of prayer in your church.
  • God is already establishing this for the end-time harvest – There are several ways that God has already been laying a movement of prayer on the hearts of His people. Much of the work has already been done in the unseen, hidden prayer dimension. Pray for the strengthening of the foundation of prayer in all churches, and praise God for what has already been accomplished in prayer.
  • God will put the pieces together – As the body of Christ rises up to this challenge, let’s realize that only God can do it. We only have to be obedient step-by-step, listening carefully for His strategy and direction. Pray that God’s people are obedient to do their part in establishing 24/7 prayer in their city. Pray that the Church listens to His strategy in every detail.
  • This will include the whole body of Christ – No church will own a citywide House of Prayer, but it will be the unity of the body in all its glorious diversity. We have tried to do it alone long enough. Unity needs to be our constant prayer as these prayer houses develop. People have different ideas and plans, but God’s purposes must prevail. Pray for the unity of the body of Christ worldwide and in the Houses of Prayer as they develop.
  • God wants to dwell in cities and regions of the earth – He wants the atmosphere so filled with united prayer and worship that it will then lead to a great harvest of souls. Pray for God to invade the cities and towns in your nation. Pray specifically for cities by name.
  • God alone must get all the glory for what He establishes – We are preparing the way for the King. We want to pray in His Kingdom reign. It’s not about us—it’s all about Him. Pray that the Church in every nation gives God the glory for what He establishes, and welcomes His Kingdom reign in their city and nation.
  • Much fervent prayer is needed – Prayer is needed before Houses of Prayer arise and fully bloom into what God wants them to be. The enemy hates it and will try to stop it all along the way. Pray that the Church worldwide rises up in fervent, persistent, and unceasing prayer.

God’s praying Church will be so appealing. The attractiveness of its beauty, the smell of its fragrance, and the power in its prayers to heal the sick and set people free will be too good to pass up. Millions will want to come into the Kingdom when the Church becomes beautiful with the fragrance of the Holy Spirit. It will happen. Watch and see.

God is giving grace right now for prayer, and His future Church will be a grace-empowered praying Church. It will be a sincere Church that voluntarily loves Him by choice without condition or reserve. It will be an informed Church, filled with individuals who pursue the knowledge of God and are hungry to know Him. It will be a fulfilled Church, satisfying to the hungry and powerfully changing the world through its prayers.

“My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7). Isaiah the prophet had a lot to say about this global prayer movement. He described a time when God’s people worldwide will experience unusual grace and authority in prayer. He summarized this by declaring; God will name His Church a “House of Prayer”. This prophetic naming is in itself a promise of functioning in grace empowered prayer. Imagine God naming the Church a “praying church”. All over the earth, it will become common to hear of intercessory worship ministries that continue non-stop, 24 hours a day.” Gary Wiens

By Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International

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