Spreading Prayer Worldwide

“If Christians prayed as Christians ought—with strong commanding faith, with earnestness and sincerity—men, God-called men, God-empowered men everywhere, would be burning to go and spread the Gospel worldwide. The Word of the Lord would run and be glorified as never known heretofore. The God-influenced men, the God-inspired men, the God-commissioned men, would go and kindle … Continue reading Spreading Prayer Worldwide

Developing a Dynamic Prayer Life in the Prayer Room

“To the average Christian the command “pray without ceasing” is simply a needless and impossible life of perfection. Who can do it? We can get to heaven without it. To the true believer, on the contrary, it holds out the promise of the highest happiness, of a life crowned by all the blessings that can … Continue reading Developing a Dynamic Prayer Life in the Prayer Room

Encountering God

Training in Houses of Prayer and Encountering God     Discover how the prayer room is a place for encoun-tering God. Gain insight as to the benefits of seeking God’s face. Let the many Scriptural benefits of fasting challenge you to develop this spiritual discipline. Find the secret of adoring God in the prayer room and learn … Continue reading Encountering God

The Heart of David

King David was a  Bible character that adored God. He was one who sought God’s face continually. He was a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14) and a student of God’s emotions, who continually worshipped Him all His life. He committed himself to obeying the commands of God. David’s primary occupation was to … Continue reading The Heart of David